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Underage victim observed OKCPS employee and boyfriend have sex

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – 36-year-old Toya Edwards and Justin Hansbro, 39, allegedly pressured an underage victim to send nude photos to them.

According to News 9, Edwards is an Oklahoma City Public School employee and former elementary school teacher.

The victim told investigators that the interactions with the suspects began in June of this year.

According to reports, Edwards and Hansbro made contact with the victim via text messaging, asking for nude photos, including images of her “bare breasts.” (News 9)

In addition to the repeated nude photo requests, the underage victim allegedly observed the couple having sex.

The Computer Forensic Unit at Oklahoma City police was able to corroborate the evidence.

Edwards and Hansbro are charged with child sex crimes including three counts of Lewd Acts. According to News 9, Edwards denies the allegations and Hansbro has yet to face a judge.

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