18-year-old charged with attempted robbery and more after police standoff

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.— A teenager has been charged with attempted robbery and assault with a deadly weapon after a standoff with police.

On September 5, 18-year-old Garrett Stotesbury attempted a robbery with a firearm. It’s unknown where or who he tried to rob, but after, he took off down Northwest 23rd Street and Western.

Stotesbury crashed the car on Western, and a bystander rushed over to help. When the witness approached the vehicle, she said Stotesbury then threatened her with a gun and told her to back off (OK News 4).

At that moment, police arrived and told Stotesbury to put down the weapon, which he was not complying with.

Across the street in his apartment, defense lawyer Devin Giddens watched the scene take place and decided to snap pictures. He mentioned that in this intense moment, it seemed like
the police were about to shoot (OK News 4).

However, both the suspect and police left unharmed as they arrested Stotesbury. He’s charged with attempted robbery with a firearm, unauthorized use of vehicle, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, leaving a scene of an accident with damage, obstructing an officer,
possession of marijuana, and possession of counterfeit money (OKC Jail Blotter).

Stotesbury was booked into Oklahoma County Jail on September 5 and is being held on a $250,000 bond (OCDR).


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