Arrest made in Edmond road rage incident

EDMOND, Okla.– A road rage incident occurred on August 8, but an entire week had gone by before any charges were made against the suspect.  

Steven Coughran, 40, was allegedly caught on video ramming his red pick-up truck into the side of an SUV, which had then hit a concrete barrier alongside I-35. 

A KWTV-News 9 photographer had been on the scene and managed to record a video of the whole incident. The video is available on the News 9 website.  

Initially, Coughran was let go with two citations for speeding and improper lane change (News 9). 

Coughran allegedly had his four-year-old son in the back seat of his truck during the road rage incident (News 9).

Coughran could be heard saying, “I was being a dumbass, you know how testosterone is,” to the trooper that issued the citations through body-cam footage released by the OHP. 

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The trooper could also be heard through the body-cam footage saying that he was cutting Coughran a break because he was a father. 

A spokeswoman for the OHP, Sarah Stewart, said that they would be looking into the trooper’s investigation that allowed Coughran to leave. 

New charges against the suspect have been filed on August 17, according to court records. These charges include Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon and Child Neglect.

A warrant for his arrest was issued on August 17 by Judge Richard Kirby with a bond amount set at $25,000 (OSCN). 

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