Former OKC police officer and convicted serial rapist denied parole

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- Daniel Holtzclaw, 35, a former OKC police officer and now convicted rapist, was denied parole by the Oklahoma pardon and parole board. Holtzclaw is serving a 263-year prison sentence for multiple rapes and other sex crimes.

The 13 victims were all African American women, varying from 17-year-old to 57-year-old grandmother of 12. Holtzclaw is classified as a serial rapist due to the fact he targeted a certain type of demographic. He would prey on the African American females who would come from lower-income neighborhoods or would have prior records of drugs and or pandering. The assaults took place between December 2013 and June 2014 while he was still an active police officer.

His final victim Jannie Ligons was interviewed by CNN on the night of the incident. During the interview, the victim discussed driving down Lincoln street. When Holtzclaw pulled the victim over, he accused her of swerving. The victim stated that this was not true. He asked the victim to step out of the vehicle. “He put a flashlight on my chest. He told me to pull my pants down to my knees. I did that but real quick then pulled them back up again. He pulled out his flashlight and shined it on my privates, I said. ‘Sir, you are not supposed to do this.’ He said, ‘get back into my vehicle.’ I did what he said. I began to get very, very scared, ” Ligons said. Ligons recalled Holtzclaw telling her, ‘Damn, you got a big ass.’ The victim stated, “I thought he was going to kill me because I had seen his face and could tell on him and he was an officer and had to know he wasn’t supposed to do this.” (CNN.COM).

Holtzclaw’s youngest known victim was 17 at the time of the assault. She testified that Holtzclaw raped her on her mother’s porch. Holzclaw was fired in January 2015 following an internal investigation.

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