Intercourse with cats and dogs among Tulsa man’s arrest record

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa PD’s Cyber Crime Unit received a horrific tip in early June from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) involving the distribution of pornography portraying crimes against children along with incidents that involve sexual intercourse with animals.

Michael Vanderburg, 33, is the man behind the NCMEC tip. His social media accounts were identified behind the scenes by authorities, which led to a myriad of search warrants. Once Vanderburg’s social media data came into the hands of detectives, much was learned about the suspect’s activities.

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Videos and imagery were among the data collected to paint a picture of Vanderburg’s psyche. Tulsa police found a substantial amount of videos starring Vanderburg himself. Those alarming videos reportedly involved Vanderburg engaging in sexual intercourse with both cats and dogs.

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Vanderburg lived out of a motel at 41st and Memorial when both the Cyber Crimes Unit and Homeland Security decided to serve a warrant on August 19. Vanderburg was not living alone there in that motel. When officials entered the room, they found Vanderburg with his wife, girlfriend, and two children.

Vanderburg’s cell phone had alarming data on it at the time the joint operation served the warrant. What they found on the phone were images of sex crimes against a child. As a result, Vanderburg was arrested on August 20.

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Vanderburg was arrested for two counts of possession of pornography involving children, distribution of pornography involving children, crime against nature, violating the Computer Crimes Act, and a hold for Homeland Security.

The suspect’s girlfriend was arrested for what Tulsa PD describe as a Homeland Security hold. According to Tulsa police, the children were taken immediately into protective custody.

Jailbirds will follow this case and follow-up when more details come available.

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