A ghost town middle school is a vandalism target and skateboarder’s dream

Warr Acres, Okla. – Video footage reveals children are vandalizing James L. Capps Middle School.

The Putman City middle school was abandoned many months ago after relocating to a new building.

The school is set to be demolished, but that has been at a standstill due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The delayed demolition has provided an opportunity for people to trespass and engage in destructive behavior.

A News 9 viewer reportedly shared video footage with the news outlet, and details on how the viewer got ahold of the clips are unknown.

It appears that kids have taken the demolition duties into their own hands as video clips show individuals hitting lockers, breaking items, and throwing school property.

Suzanne Newman, a resident across the street from the middle school, shared with News 9 that she has spotted kids entering and exiting the school.

Newman also informed that kids even skateboard on the school’s rooftop.

Putnam City Public Schools released a statement expressing that the Putnam City Police Department is steps away from the abandoned school and increased police surveillance after the vandalism reports surfaced.

Recently the building doors, windows, and other areas have reportedly been secured.

No arrests have been made, and it is unknown if any suspects have been identified.


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