Armed Arkansas man deemed a hero by neighbors for stopping a mass shooting from igniting

FORT SMITH, Arkansas – Police say an 87-year-old woman was shot and killed at a Sebastian County apartment complex on May 15th.

Zachary Arnold, 26, lived at the same apartment building of the woman police say he shot inside of the victim’s home on Saturday morning.

According to a witness, a couple of elderly women left their apartments and ran back in after seeing Arnold. One of the women, 87-year-old Lois Hicks, did not close the door behind her. Arnold followed her into her home and allegedly killed her.  

Arnold reportedly had a semi-automatic rifle, and after shooting Hicks, he began shooting at other apartments.

According to a neighbor, Arnold was yelling at neighbors, ordering them to leave their homes.

That is when a resident at that same apartment community stepped up, grabbed his hunting rifle, and shot and killed the suspect.

Police have not identified the man who witnesses say stopped the suspect from killing more people.

After the man protected the residents, neighbors created a committee and honored the neighbor who shot Arnold with a plaque as a sign of gratitude for his actions.

The property manager, Cherre Miller, stated, “If he had not done that, we don’t know how many people could’ve died.” (MSN News)

Neighbors also remember the deceased victim and express how much they will miss her. Hicks reportedly resided at the apartment complex for many years. Her neighbors described her as friendly, an angel, and always smiling.

The police have not released details about the man who shot Arnold. A motive behind Arnold’s deadly actions has not been released. 

(Image courtesy of Fort Smith Police)


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