Florida Uber driver gets slapped, bitten, and choked by a vicious woman passenger

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – An Uber driver is recovering from bite wounds and the overall trauma after being assaulted by a female passenger.

Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office reported that Michele Stilwell, 55, began choking her Uber driver without warning.

22-year-old Michael Hassey Jr., an Uber driver, picked the suspect up in St. Petersburg.

The Uber drive was a normal one for Hassey with a snoozing passenger in the backseat, but normal turned to terror moments after the suspect awoke from her nap.

Hassey informed WFLA 8 that the suspect grabbed him by the neck while he was driving, proceeding to choke him. 

The suspect was reportedly screaming the words “MY DAUGHTER” as she was attacking the victim.

While strangling the victim from behind, Stilwell began cursing at Hassey and slapped him in the face.

The victim was able to pull over and attempted to escape the horror.

The horror did not stop there.

Stilwell, unfortunately, managed to crawl over the center console.

The suspect allegedly bit the victim’s neck and clawed at his chest. Hassey described the neck bite as being bit by a pitbull.

It was difficult for Hassey to defend himself, as he informed reporters that he did not want to hit a woman.

Stilwell managed to get the phone out of the victim’s hands when trying to dial 911.

Michele Stilwell arrested for biting, choking, and slapping Uber driver in Florida

(Mugshot courtesy of PCSO)
A passerby heard the victim’s cries for help and came to the rescue, pulling the suspect off of Hassey.
Stilwell faces felony charges of aggravated battery and witness tampering.

(Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail)


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