Former NFL running back Zac Stacy arrested for assaulting ex-girlfriend in front of infant

Former NFL running back Zac Stacy was arrested for assaulting the mother of his son, Kristin Evans, in Evans’s Florida residence. Stacy reportedly attacked Evans in front of their 5-month-old child. Stacy is known for playing for the Rams and joining the New York Jets in 2015 and retired from the NFL in 2017.

Evans shared that the abuse began earlier this year while she was pregnant. She chose not to report earlier incidents because she hoped Stacy would support her and their son. According to Fox News, Evans described being bullied by the former NFL running back so extensively that she felt at fault. 

Earlier this week Stacy was on the run after the reported domestic violence incident that occurred in front of their son. (Fox News)

TMZ Sports published the brutal video that portrays Stacy attacking Evans by picking her up and violently throwing her into a TV. During this violence, the 5-month-old son is seen sitting on the couch. Before throwing her against the television, Stacy allegedly punched Evans in the head.

Evans’s body hit the TV so hard that it fell on top of her. Evans continued to beg Stacy to stop while Stacy continued with his violent behavior. Evans was able to contact authorities, but Stacy was nowhere to be found by the time they arrived. Before fleeing, Evans stated that Stacy told their son that he loved him.

Evans was treated for a head wound and other injuries at the hospital after the incident.

Stacy eventually surrendered to Orlando authorities and faces aggravated battery and criminal mischief felony charges. The suspect was asked to surrender his passport before he could be released. On Saturday, November 20, Stacy was released on $10,150 bond. Stacy is ordered to refrain from contacting the victim, and he is not allowed to have weapons. (Fox 35 Orlando)


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