Man allegedly plotted to sexually assault nurses at OKC hospital

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – A man was arrested for plotting to sexually assault nurses at St. Anthony Hospital.

Oklahoma City Police Department reported to the scene after learning of a sexual assault that took place at the hospital.

The suspect reportedly succeeded in his plot, attacking two nurses.

A nurse spotted the man in a hallway, asking if he needed assistance.

The man managed to get the nurse into a private hall and proceeded to assault her.

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The suspect hit the woman’s head multiple times and touched her inappropriately.

Another nurse later asked the suspect if he needed help. He informed the nurse a patient needed help in the bathroom.

The nurse went into the bathroom with the suspect.

Upon entering the bathroom, the suspect allegedly closed the door and sexually assaulted the nurse.

The nurse was able to push the suspect and kick him, which allowed her a moment of freedom to grab her radio and push the emergency button.

Security received the emergency alert immediately.

The suspect is currently at Oklahoma County Jail facing felony counts of kidnapping and sexual battery. Other charges include assault and battery on medical personnel (KOKO News 5).



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