Misspellings in a forged county document lead to suspect’s arrest

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – ‘Disctrict’ and ‘country clerk’ were among the misspelled words in a forged county document that led to suspect’s arrest.

Oklahoma City Police received a call on March 30th requesting to observe a home in the neighborhood of SW 29th and Portland.

Police encountered Yoshiro Maya, 55, parked in the driveway of what was believed to be his ex-girlfriend’s residence.

The suspect was allegedly attempting to collect $3000 from his ex-girlfriend. The victim shared a document with police that mimicked the appearance of an official county clerk letter. The suspect’s ex-girlfriend stated that she received the letter via certified mail.

When police examined the document more closely, they found misspellings and what appeared to be a forged signature of county clerk Rick Warren. The case number on the paper was not linked to the victim or the suspect.  

The suspect, arrested at the scene, faces charges for forgery of records. (KFOR /  Oklahoma City Booking Blotter)


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