NMSP video footage uncovers details on the murder of fallen hero, Officer Darian Jarrott

New Mexico State Police (NMSP) released the horrific bodycam and dashcam footage leading up to the death of Officer Darion Jarrott, 28, on February 4th.

Omar Felix Cueva, 39, was headed to a drug deal in a white Chevrolet truck before being pulled over on I-10 by Officer Jarrott.

The video shows Officer Jarrott stepping out of his vehicle and approaching Cueva’s vehicle on the passenger side.

Officer Jarrott mentions the window’s tint being too dark and asks Cueva permission to open the passenger door or roll down the window. The officer spots a gun, and it appears that Cueva willingly hands it over to the officer.

The incident ends with Cueva stepping out of the vehicle with an AR-15-style rifle and shooting Officer Darion several times, including in the head. 

A Homeland Security agent reported to the scene where he found the fallen officer. Cueva was later killed by law enforcement in Las Cruces following a 40-mile chase involving Las Cruces Police Department, the U.S. Border Patrol, and Ana County Sheriff’s Office.

On the evening of February 4th, NMSP Chief Robert Thornton paid tribute to Officer Jarrott while fighting back the tears.

Officer Jarrott was a father of three children and expecting a fourth. Officer Jarrott joined NMSP in 2015 as a sworn officer. Chief Thornton describes Officer Jarrott as a fallen hero who bravely served until his last breath.


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