Ohio man steals beer and immediately tries to return them, blames wife for buying the wrong brand

CINCINNATI, Ohio – Authorities are searching for a man they say stole 14 cases of Bud Light beer and attempted to return them.

A man in Delhi Township reportedly stole multiple cases of beer from a local Kroger grocery store.

Surveillance video shows a man placing a large pile of Bud Light in a shopping cart and leaving without paying.

According to reports, the man re-enters the store almost immediately with the 14 cases of beer and attempts to return them.

Kroger clerks say the suspect blamed his wife for buying the wrong brand.

Employees of the local Ohio grocery store were unable to confirm the suspect’s purchase history and did not process a return.

The suspect reportedly left the store rather angrily, taking the beer with him.

Kroger investigated the incident and, after confirming the man’s theft, contacted police.

Delhi Township Police Department ask the public to come forward with information pertaining to this case: 513-922-0060 (WLWT5)


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