Oklahoma City man arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a woman

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — Charles Moore was arrested on Wednesday, March 9th on multiple sexual assault complaints.
The 48-year-old suspect was taken to custody at the Oklahoma County Detention Center.
The victim filed the report a month ago, and according to the police, she told them that Moore raped her at Lake Hefner.
According to the accusations, the suspect offered the victim a ride from the Green Carpet Inn to a liquor store and then to her friend’s house in southwest Oklahoma City.
Afterward, Moore drove her to Lake Hefner, where he put a blade knife to her back and forced her to have sexual relations in the back of his car. She also said the suspect injected her with a syringe filled with a clear brown liquid.
The nightmare continued after they left the lake when he kept driving her around until setting her free.
The police pulled a video from the security cameras of the Green Carpet Inn, and the victim confirmed the car and outfit that the suspect was wearing that day.
Authorities said that Moore has been accused of rape on three other occasions; however, the victims did not cooperate with the investigation, and he was never charged. (News on 6)


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