Peeping tom follows victims home and messes with breaker box before getting pinned down by Tulsa women

TULSA, Okla.- Upon arriving at a home near 36th and Riverside, Tulsa officers found that multiple women had a man pinned down on the ground.

Taylor Rogers of Tulsa was arrested on multiple offenses after an alleged peeping tom incident.

Rogers allegedly followed three women on their way home from a bar on Brookside.

The victims say Rogers messed with their breaker box and watched them change clothes through one of the windows.

Rogers was spotted when he was trying to take down a window screen.

Two of the victims reportedly chased Rogers down the street, which led to a fight.

Police say Rogers allegedly pulled the victims’ hair and punched, kicked, and bit them.

The victims were able to pin Rogers down while awaiting Tulsa police.

Rogers was arrested for a peeping tom offense, two counts of aggravated assault and battery, and attempted 1st-degree burglary. (Tulsa Police Department Facebook Page)


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