Pottawatomie County woman allegedly shoots and kills husband, hides home security footage

MACOMB, Okla. – A woman in Pottawatomie County was arrested after allegedly shooting her husband in the chest and killing him earlier this year.

38-year-old Katie Lee of Macomb reportedly shot James Lee one time in the chest, and her reasoning shifted multiple times.

According to Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, Lee made conflicting statements. At one point, she stated that the gun went off on its own.

Lee’s story then shifted to one of domestic violence.

The suspect’s home was equipped with security cameras, and authorities say Lee moved them and even attempted to hide a DVR containing the footage of the shooting incident.

Undersheriff J.T. Palmer reported that the hidden security footage was found inside of a laundry basket.

According to investigators, the home security footage did not confirm Lee’s statement of domestic violence. What the footage does reveal, however, is a gunshot flash.

Investigators did not find evidence to point toward threatening behavior on the part of the victim or any family member before the shooting incident.

Authorities say Lee’s 18-year-old son threw the gun into a nearby pond. Investigators were able to locate the weapon.

The son reportedly was not aware of what happened during the shooting incident, and it will be at the discretion of the District Attorney as to whether the son will face charges. (KFOR)


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