The U.S. to give Maxwell a retrial

In N.Y. on Jan. 10 th , the U.S. government may dismiss two perjury charges against Maxwell. This is occurring because in a post-trial interview a member of the jury stated that he had been sexually abused. He also shared his story with fellow jurors during the deliberations of the trial.
There was a letter sent to U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan, who was the judge of Maxwell’s case. In this letter, prosecutors stated that they want a new trial in ensuring complete bias in Maxwell’s trial.
Prosecutors also stated that if the post-trial motions are denied that the government will be prepared to dismiss two perjury cases from the time of sentencing. Defense attorneys want to delay Maxwell’s sentencing because they feel there is a “compelling basis” for the court to grant her a new trial.
Before the trial began jurors were asked clean-cut questions about if they were sexually abused. They were told if they have been it would impact their ability to be impartial while on the jury. It is still ambiguous how the juror answered the questions on the questionnaire. The Defense attorney argues that the Supreme Court that a defendant is entitled to a new trial if a juror failed to honestly answer the questions they were asked.
Judge Nathan gave Maxwell’s lawyers until Jan. 19th to elaborate as to why the conviction should be overturned. The prosecution has until Feb. 2nd to respond.


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