Topless woman goes wild with liquor bottles at Florida steakhouse, hits officer

OCALA, Fla. – A half-naked woman in Florida allegedly went “out of control” at two separate restaurants, according to reports.

The Ocala Police Department received a report about a woman at Mojo’s Grill allegedly banging on tables in pure anger and flipping some over.

According to reports, Tina Kindred, 53, continued her rampage by attempting to enter a customer’s car.

As Ocala police were on their way, 911 received another call about a wild woman at an Outback Steakhouse near Mojos.

Police responded to the steakhouse to find Kindred with a liquor bottle in hand. Once she spotted Ocala police, she allegedly threw the bottle right at them.

Kindred had poor aim, so she attempted to throw two more liquor bottles at the cops. One of the bottles reportedly scraped and splashed on an officer’s arm.

Police tased kindred to control her outburst that day. The half-nude Florida woman was sent for medical treatment.

Police say Kindred informed them that she was just upset because Mojo’s owner was dishonest and refused to serve her.

A fentanyl patch was reportedly found in her pubic region during her stay at the medical facility.

According to reports, Kindred is charged with felony mischief and aggravated battery on law enforcement. Her court date is set to July 6th. (Orlando Sentinel/New York Daily News)


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