Xanax to blame for woman’s early morning crime spree at a car dealership

TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa police arrested a woman for breaking into vehicles at a local dealership during the early morning hours of September 13.

Kristi Presson was at the scene on Sheridan near the BA Expressway when officers were notified of her allegedly breaking into cars on a dealership property.

Presson was reportedly watched via a live video stream by security personnel. The security personnel witnessed the suspect break into more than one vehicle, including a van, truck, and SUV.

Once Tulsa officers responded to the scene, Presson was found peering through the windows of another vehicle while holding a bag in hand.

Officers made contact and searched the bag that was in Presson’s possession. What they found appeared to be evidence linked to what the security personnel witnessed a bit earlier.

The contents of the bag include an owner’s manual to a vehicle along with burglary tools.

According to Presson, her ingestion of Xanax was to blame for her criminal actions.

Tulsa police arrested her at the scene for Burglary of Vehicle (After Former Conviction of a Felony), Possession of Burglary Tools (AFCF), Public Intoxication, Obstructing Justice. (Tulsa Police Department).

The suspect’s bond was set to $6600. This is an arrest, not a conviction.


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