22-year-old airline passenger arrested after allegedly groping flight attendants

According to PEOPLE, Maxwell Berry, 22, was arrested following a flight on Frontier Airlines from Philadelphia to Miami on July 31.

After drinking three alcoholic beverages, Berry reportedly touched a flight attendant with a cup, brushing it against her from behind. He did so as he requested another drink, according to Washington Post.

PEOPLE reported that Berry spilled a drink and took his shirt off in the bathroom. At that point, a flight attendant assisted him in retrieving a clean shirt from his suitcase. Once he had a clean shirt on, Berry reportedly strolled around for a good 15 minutes.

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His aircraft stroll was met with discomfort by passengers and flight attendants, as he allegedly groped the breasts of a different flight attendant. Then, Berry proceeded to step behind two flight attendants, wrapping his arms around them and grabbing their breasts. (PEOPLE)

Berry was duct-taped to a seat for the rest of the flight upon intervention by a male flight attendant. Once they landed in Florida, Miami-Dade police arrested the suspect, but he was reportedly released on a $1,500 bond. (PEOPLE) PEOPLE reported that the suspect faces three misdemeanor charges for battery.

The flight attendants were reportedly suspended until the investigation closes, which led to disapproval from the union representing Frontier’s crew. (Image credit: Miami-Dade County Police Department)


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