TULSA, Okla. – Tulsa Officers were alerted to an armed robbery that occurred at an apartment community close to 71st and Mingo.
The victim was allegedly robbed at gunpoint at the Chardonnay Apartments. The victim was at the apartment community to pick up an acquaintance.
Two male suspects entered the backseat of the victim’s vehicle and demanded the victim’s money, phone and other items.
Officers at the scene were able to locate the suspects at another apartment community. A woman suspect reportedly went to the 89 East Apartments to pick up the suspects.
Tulsa Officers recovered an airsoft gun that the suspects left behind.
After the woman suspect picked the robbers up, she fled the scene, which initiated a police chase.
Officers observed what they called dangerous driving during the chase which led to the helicopter taking over.
Unfortunately, innocent bystanders fell victim to this chase, as the suspects reportedly hit another vehicle, according to Tulsa Police Department.
Once the suspects were in Broken Arrow the two male suspects jumped out of the vehicle and ran for it.
In a joint effort with the Tulsa Police Department and Broken Arrow Police Department, authorities were able to catch all three suspects.
The two men involved in the armed robbery were identified as Isaiah Green (18) and Daniel Roman (18). The getaway driver was identified as Jasmin Hernandez (19). All suspects had to go to the hospital for treatment, and they were “arrested for Robbery with a Firearm/Dangerous Weapon and Eluding.”

Source: Tulsa Police Department / Images courtesy for Tulsa Police Department


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