TULSA, Okla.– 15-year-old Honest Burns, was arrested after committing multiple armed robberies over a series of days.

On the evening of December 8, officers responded to an armed robbery at a convenience store located at 46th Street North and Lewis. According to Tulsa Police, “Burns placed two items on the counter and walked away. She later returned, pulled out a black revolver, and demanded money.” Burns took off after the clerk handed her the money.

Two days later, on December 10, police were called to another armed robbery at 46th Street North and Peoria inside Tap In Wine and Spirits.

Burns once again walked into the store and demanded money from the clerk. She then “pulled out her revolver and shot into the ground and then pointed the gun at employees.” (News Channel 8).

That is when an employee grabbed hold of Burns, allowing another employee to confiscate the gun. (Tulsa Police). The employees managed to hold Burns down until police arrived at the scene.

Burns was arrested on two accounts of robbery by firearm, two counts of pointing a deadly weapon, and obstruction.


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