TULSA, Okla.- A 15-year-old high school student stabs rape suspect after a sexual assault occurs. 

On February 15, the victim left school early after not feeling well, and started walking home. While walking, an SUV pulled over and the driver offered her a ride home. 

Instead of taking her straight home, the suspect proceeded to sexually assault the victim in the vehicle. Later, when the suspect took her home, he followed the victim into the home. She went into the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and swung in the direction of the suspect. Unsure if she had made any contact or not. (Tulsa Police). 

The suspect then kicked the victim in the stomach and fled from the house. At this time the Tulsa Police were notified, and the victim went to the hospital. 

Apparently, the victim did manage to make contact with the knife, because the suspect also showed up at the hospital for stab wound treatment. The suspect told staff that he was stabbed by a stranger, making them suspicious, and therefore the authorities were contacted.

The suspect, Chadwick Harris told authorities he was stabbed by a stranger whom he had given a ride to. This made police determine these two incidents were related. He eventually admitted he had been inside the victim’s house. 

Harris has been arrested on 1st-degree rape, forcible sodomy, and 1st-degree burglary. (Tulsa Police)


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