21-year-old New Cordell man arrested during an undercover drug operation

NEW CORDELL, Okla. – Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics conducted an undercover operation leading to the arrest of a Cordell man.

Roy James Colt Terrell, 21, was under investigation reportedly since November of 2020. 

Terrell allegedly sold methamphetamine to a confidential informant who reportedly had a recording device on during the purchase.

According to reports, the drug purchases occurred more than once, including at Terrell’s place of residence in Cordell.  

Terrell’s drug distribution was allegedly cross-jurisdictional, and in total, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics purchased just under 400 grams of meth from the suspect (KECO 96.5

The suspect faces multiple felony charges, including trafficking in illegal drugs near a school and a park. 

Terrell also faces child neglect charges as reports say a juvenile was present at his residence during one of the drug transactions.

Terrell’s bond is set at $250,000, and his first hearing is scheduled for July 27th.  (Image/ref KECO 96.5)


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