22-year-old woman in padlocked collar and latex attire escapes from her captor

40-year-old Timothy Marrion Haslett Jr. is behind bars after allegedly holding a 22-year-old woman captive in his Missouri home.

The suspect is charged with kidnapping and raping the victim in his Excelsior Springs home located about 30 miles northeast of Kansas City.

On a Friday morning, witness reports expressed a woman was screaming for help while seeking help from multiple neighbors.

According to reports, the woman appeared sickly; she was also described as wearing a tight metal collar.

An Oxygen report shared that a neighbor tried to contact authorities, but at that point, the victim became frantic with the idea. The victim expressed fear that if the police get involved, her captor will kill her.

At that point, the witness that attempted to contact 911 said that the malnourished female victim ran away and approached another home.

A neighbor, described as a grandmother, let the woman in while they awaited police assistance.

The grandmother’s granddaughter reported that the victim told the grandma that she had been raped and held against her will.

According to witness reports, the victim had ligature marks on both her wrists and ankles. The victim was also described as having duct tape around her neck. The victim also had marks on her back. The emergency crew said the collar was so tight that it made it hard for the victim to breathe.

The victim reportedly told authorities that the suspect, Haslett Jr., approached her in Kansas City in September and took her to his residency. Once the victim was in the suspect’s home, he allegedly confined her in his basement, where reports say she was whipped and raped repeatedly by Haslett Jr. (Oxygen)

The victim eventually found a way to flee the home when she explained that Haslett Jr. left for a short while to drop his child off at school.

The granddaughter of one of the witnesses claimed that the victim said the suspect murdered her friends.

A search warrant on the suspect’s home was issued, and Haslett Jr. was arrested initially for an animal control violation; however, later, he was charged with:

– First-degree rape

– First-degree kidnapping

– Second-degree assault

No other victims have been identified, but investigations continue.


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