25-year-old NY man allegedly uses dog to lure young girls

BROOKLYN, New York – A Kings County man was arrested for allegedly attract young girls with his dog.

New York police say that Brandon Rodriguez, 25, allegedly used a husky and potentially one other dog to lure girls into three separate incidents.

According to New York Post, the suspect spoke with a 13-year-old girl while walking his dog at Osborn Street and Pitkin Avenue.

Rodriguez reportedly asked the girl if she could take a picture of him with his pup.
The teen was asked to follow the suspect to an apartment complex where police say Rodriguez proceeded to touch the girl inappropriately.

The victim attempted to leave, but Rodriguez allegedly grabbed her backpack and had the dog guard the doorway.

Rodriguez allegedly attempted to attract a 12-year-old and 11-year-old with the same method of operation. However, both girls were able to run away from the suspect when he tried to take them to his apartment.

Police say the suspect may have used more than one dog during the young girl luring scheme. 

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with two counts of acting in a manner injurious to a child and unlawful imprisonment (New York Post).


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