26-year-old man points his laser-equipped pistol at OKC police helicopter

Oklahoma City, Okla – An Oklahoma county man was arrested after allegedly pointing his firearm with an attached laser at OKCPD’s Air One helicopter.

Oklahoma police were flying over southwest territory around 5 a.m. on May 13th when someone pointed a laser at the helicopter.

Authorities located the laser-equipped gun pointing suspect, identified as Corey Gene Shipman.

Shipman was reportedly lying on the ground of a home during the incident.

Patrol officers reported to the suspect’s residence and found him inside the home with a gun in hand.

Shipman did not seem to put up a fight, as reports state he willingly emerged from the residence to chat with officers.

The chat did not end well for Shipman, as it resulted in an arrest. 

According to Oklahoma City Jail Blotter, the suspect faces two charges of pointing a projecting laser at a law enforcement officer and pointing a firearm.

Authorities say pointing lasers at an aircraft is a trending crime. (KFOR / image courtesy of KFOR)


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