30-year-old poses as a 13-year-old girl and vloggs her day at school

EL PASO, Texas – A woman created a vlog of her day posing as her 13-year-old daughter at an El Paso school.

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office says Casey Garcia, 30, allegedly was found trespassing on one of the school grounds in the San Elizario Independent School District.

Garcia’s vlog documents her getting ready in the morning and entering the school in a yellow hoodie and mask.

Garcia chats about her experience in the school bathroom and while eating lunch.

As the suspect eats her school lunch, Garcia states that she is a “30-year-old disguising as a 13-year-old, [and] made it through lunch.”

According to authorities, Garcia created multiple posts about her experience posing as a teenager.

Garcia was arrested and charged with suspicion of criminal trespassing and tampering with government records.

Her charges are reportedly about her undercover school operation and an unrelated traffic warrant.

Garcia was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility with a bond set at $7,908. (CBS 4 News)


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