7-year-old kidnapped and released by Owasso man

TULSA, Okla.— An Owasso man kidnapped a seven-year-old, and after a brief chase from her family, decided to let her go.

The crime took place on June 2nd, as the seven-year-old victim was walking with her nine-year-old sister and aunt to a store. The man, identified as Christopher Webb, passed by the trio seven times then later stalked them back to their apartment (Tulsa Police Department)

Around 5:30-5:45 pm, the seven-year-old went outside to her family. During this time, Webb grabbed her and hauled her kicking and screaming back into his truck (KTUL)

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The family pursued Webb as he drove off, then for unknown reasons, he decided to stop and let the seven-year-old victim go. She ran back to her family unharmed, and it has been reported that the suspect did not say a word to her the entire time (News6). After the kidnapping, police searched through surveillance footage to identify Webb through his vehicle.

Webb drove a White Dodge 2500 Ram, and though there were over 3,200 registered cars that fit the description, police were able to locate a truck that matched the unique markings and equipment Webb had on his (Fox23).

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After a thorough investigation, Tulsa Police Fugitive Warrants Squad and Exploitation Unit arrested Webb at his home in Owasso on July 28th (Fox 23). He was charged with one count of kidnapping along with four counts of possession of a firearm after a felony conviction.

While our sources have not identified Webb’s previous felony conviction, Fox 23 reported that Webb was previously investigated for child abuse. Webb’s court date is scheduled for August 3rd (2News).

(Images courtesy of Tulsa Police Department)

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