OKC man arrested for beating his dog

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.- Michael Owen Beavers was arrested for allegedly beating his dog.
On Saturday, March 19, the police were called around 2:45 p.m. to the area of S.W. 15th and McKinley after bystanders reported a man hitting his own dog.
According to the report, two witnesses saw and followed the suspect while giving updates to a 911 dispatcher until police arrived at the scene.
The report says that “Michael was carrying the dog by its throat, dragging the dog on the streets and beating the dog.”
Witnesses also described the suspect strangling, punching, kicking, and dragging the dog, as well as running over it with a bicycle and carried in the air by its collar.
The female Pitbull is now in the care of animal welfare for her injuries.
The suspect was arrested on a complaint of animal cruelty. (KFOR)


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