A naked man allegedly thrusts through chain-link fence at OKC women on the tennis court

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla – The Oklahoma City Jail Blotter reported that Robert Lee Mann, 67, was arrested on June 8th for indecent exposure.

According to reports, multiple women witnessed Mann allegedly making thrusting moves while staring at them.

The women were on the tennis courts at the OKC Tennis Center, and the suspect was reportedly on the opposite side of the chain-link fence.

The full-frontal escapade occurred at the east fence of the NW Oklahoma City tennis center.

One witnessed reported that the suspect spotted her, stopped, and pushed his private parts toward her through the chain-link fence (FOX 25).

Other women shared similar reports, stating that Mann had his hands on his hips while making obscene gestures.

The women reportedly refused to speak with Mann as the experience freaked them out.

Mann was later located by police close to a senior center, where they found him reading a book while lounging peacefully on the ground.

Mann’s bond is set to $5000. 


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