TULSA, Okla.– 23-year-old Johnny Clark has been arrested, as he is believed to be a part of a shooting that happened Saturday night, that resulted in a homicide. 

Police were called to Parkview Plaza apartments Saturday night for a suspected shooting. When they arrived at the apartment complex, they found Camron Roesner, 29, shot dead with multiple gunshot wounds. (Ktul). 

Early the next day, Clark was arrested by Sapulpa police for an unrelated charge. When arrested, Clark had a gun in his possession, and it is believed to be loot from the murder scene of Roesner. 

At the time Clark was arrested for possession of a firearm with a serial number removed and possession of a firearm after formally having a felony.

Clark will now additionally be charged with 1st-degree murder, shooting with intent to kill, and 1st-degree burglary in connection to the murder of Camron Roesner. (Tulsa Police Department). 

For now, Clark has only been arrested and not convicted. 


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