Jubilee! A horse thief is caught

OCONEE COUNTY, S.C.— “Old Town Road” is taken literally in South Carolina as a man is arrested for hiding a stolen horse in his bedroom.

The suspect, 31-year-old Garry Chase Coble Jr, was seen riding a horse down Country Lane in Mountain Rest, South Carolina.

He was reported by his aunt, who said that he’s had issues stealing before and knew she had to report him to the authorities (News19).

The police arrived at 170 County Lane, the house of Coble’s father, where Coble is not welcome. When he didn’t answer to police, they called Coble’s father to let them in.

Inside, the police saw horse droppings on the living room floor. They then followed Coble into the bedroom, where they saw the full-size quarter horse hidden in there (OK News 4).

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Before the horse theft, Coble previously had four other arrest warrants placed on him. The charges include burglary, petit larceny, trespassing, and strangely enough, throwing a mandolin into a neighbor’s pasture (News19).

With the theft of the horse, Coble is additionally being charged with larceny of livestock. The horse, valued at $6,500, was returned to its owner, who plans on pressing charges. Other than a small cut on the horse’s leg, the horse was calm and uninjured.

According to News19, the deputy on the scene comments, “the only thing that made sense concerning the incident was that the horse’s name was Jubilee.” Coble was arrested at the home and is currently being held at Oconee County Detention Center (OK News 4).

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