Boss charged for murdering and burying employee under septic tank

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. — A boss is charged with the murder of his employee after his body was found under their client’s septic tank.
On September 20, 50-year-old Brent Mack disappeared. Nine days, later his daughter reported him missing to the police and told them what she discovered (News 4).
Mack’s daughter knew his passwords and went into his phone to see his last phone call and texts were to his girlfriend in Texas. He told her he was at work installing a septic tank and that he’d call her later. Nothing else was sent after.
Mack’s daughter then reached out to his boss, 66-year-old Dan Triplett, over Facebook since he was the last person to see him.
Triplett told his daughter that he had fired Mack on the 20th and gave him a $1,000 severance.
Triplett then dropped him off at a Laundromat in Guthrie. According to Triplett, the last job they worked together was on September 8th in Crescent. Triplett then deleted the messages, but his daughter kept the screenshots and showed them to the Police (Law and Crime).
When asked again by the authorities later, Triplett claimed that when he dropped Mack off, Mack said he was going to get married in Texas and that he was not upset about being fired (Law and Crime).
However, as the police questioned him further, his story continued to change and fall apart under pressure.
During the investigation, police found surveillance of Triplett’s truck driving past the laundromat but not stopping.
After obtaining a search warrant for Triplett’s truck and home, police then found a logbook that showed the last job they worked together was installing a septic tank in Mulhall on the 20th (KTUL).
On October 21st, police then had the septic tank at that location dug up and found a body with Mack’s wallet and ID.
According to the medical examiner, the body has a “projectile in the chest cavity with an entry wound in the upper left back,” (Law and Crime).
Surveillance on the property shows Mack and Triplett arriving at the site. Mack goes into the hole with the septic tank and doesn’t come out. Then Triplett leaves the property alone. Triplett was arrested on October 21 and is being held without bail for charges of murder and desecration of a corpse (KTUL).
The daughter says he and Mack have worked together for almost three years and had a love-
hate relationship, but no motive is yet known (News 4).


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