BREAKING: Missing Georgia executive found dead, wrapped in plastic

BATON ROUGE, La. – Nathan Millard, the 42-year-old construction executive and Georgia resident who went missing last month, was found dead.

On February 23, Millard traveled to Baton Rouge for a business trip. That evening, he Facetimed his wife during a Louisiana State University basketball game before heading to Happy’s Irish Pub. The pub was just a quick stroll from his downtown Marriott hotel.

Millard was last seen leaving the pub alone around 11:30 pm. The father of five was supposed to meet with a client that next morning, but his absence raised red flags, initiating a well check of his hotel room. Millard was nowhere to be found, and it appeared that he hadn’t slept in his bed the night before.

The missing Georgia executive’s cell phone was found a few blocks away from the pub, and a bus station’s surveillance video showed a man attempting to use Millard’s credit card. According to the Baton Rouge authorities, the man who was seen on video using the card was identified, questioned, and released.

On Monday, March 6, Baton Rouge PD received a call reporting a bad smell at a vacant lot near Scenic Highway. That is where authorities located Millard’s body, wrapped up in plastic and carpet.
This is an ongoing investigation.


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