BREAKING NEWS: Caretaker confesses husband murdered Athena Brownfield on Christmas

The search for 4-year-old Cyril girl, Athena Brownfield, has shifted to a “recovery operation” after caretaker Alysia Adams confesses that husband, Ivon Adams, allegedly murdered the child on Christmas Day.

Alysia (31) was arrested on two counts of child neglect, and Ivon (36) on charges of murder in the first degree and child neglect.

As reports have surfaced, we now know that Alysia was related to the victim and her sister. Athena and her sister were living with Alysia and Ivon for at least a year, according to reports. (OSBI)

Many questioned where Athena and her sister’s parents were. At this time, the victim’s biological parents are cooperating and have been interviewed by investigators.

Athena’s sister is currently under the care of protective services, according to reports. (NBC News)

While Athena had allegedly been murdered on Christmas, a missing person search was not initiated until January 10th, 2023. Authorities were not aware that the victim was missing until her sister was found outside by a postal worker.

By January 12th, Alysia and Ivon were arrested; Alysia in Oklahoma and Ivon in Arizona.

Just hours ago, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) updated the public on this case but expressed that neither Alysia nor Ivon have been convicted as they are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

OSBI asks the public to refrain from searching for Athena on their own to avoid contaminating the evidence.


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