Bullet fragments remain in Megan Thee Stallion’s feet as she awaits September trial

“Dance, bitch!” yelled Tory Lanez at Megan Thee Stallion as he allegedly shot at her (Rolling Stones July/August Print). Thee Stallion relived this horrifying experience with Rolling Stone’s staff writer Mankaprr Conteh in their latest July/August print publication.

Just as Thee Stallion’s new album “Traumazine” drops, she awaits the September trial that focuses on Lanez’ alleged attack that occurred in July 2020.

According to Thee Stallion, she and Lanez were friends. On July 11, Thee Stallion shared with Rolling Stones, that she was with Kylie Jenner and Lanez, live streaming at the pool. Thee Stallion left Jenner’s home with Lanez and someone she described as her “former best friend.”

An argument between the three erupted in the car, leading to Lanez allegedly firing shots at The Stallion while demanding her to dance, according to Thee Stallion. (Rolling Stones July/August Print) According to Rolling Stones, it was not until August of 2020 that Thee Stallion identified Lanez as the perpetrator. By October, Lanez was ultimately charged with a felony.

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL met up with recording artist and performer Marqois De Sade to discuss Thee Stallion.

MARQOIS DE SADE: “She has been a great inspiration in my current creative life. To have a song like W.A.P. be such a huge hit was very empowering for somebody like me who also does dirty music, like my song Inside with XOSEX. It made me feel like I could be my full, true self.”

Marqois De Sade live performance
Marqois De Sade performing live at Jerrys Pizza & Pub, Bakersfield California| photo by Kathleen Grant

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL INTERVIEWER: “Have you heard about the incident between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez that is set to go on trial next month?”

MARQOIS DE SADE: “Yeah, I read about it in the Billboard article. It made me angry that somebody would do that to anyone, let alone a talented and powerful woman like Megan Thee Stallion. I hope justice is served, and he pays for what he did.”

JAILBIRDS DIGITAL will follow this story and report on the outcome of Lanez assault with a semiautomatic handgun charge. If he is found guilty, Lanez could spend a maximum prison sentence of a little over 22 years.


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