Alleged car thief found with Pokémon box filled with fentanyl

TULSA, Okla. – On November 3rd, Tulsa police received a stolen vehicle notification from their license plate reader system, Flock Safety. Investigators were able to quickly locate the stolen Honda CR-V at a motel near E. 3rd St. (Tulsa Police Department)

Suspect Dion Rodriguez was located along with a female that was accompanying him. According to the suspect, he borrowed the vehicle from an acquaintance.

While the officers searched the vehicle, they located a Pokémon trading card box. They found “a large quantity” of fentanyl inside the Pokémon box. TPD even found fentanyl on the driver’s seat. Rodriguez claimed that he had no clue about the drugs, however.

According to Tulsa PD, they believe that Rodriguez was planning to deliver the fentanyl to someone at the motel. Authorities suspect that Rodriguez spilled some of the fentanyl when he was startled by police presence.

Rodriguez was arrested for possessing a stolen vehicle after a former conviction of a felony and trafficking fentanyl. The female with Rodriguez at the time of arrest was released, and authorities were able to return the stolen Honda to its owner.


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