Cartoon character-stamped pills found at a Tulsa liquor store with an underground drug lab

TULSA COUNTY, Okla. – Agents located a pill press during a liquor store inspection that had the capability of producing up to 3,000 pills per hour.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Alcoholic Beverage Law Enforcement Commission found evidence of meth-based pills along with counterfeit prescription drugs such as Percocet and Xanax at a liquor store at 6318 S. Peoria.

Authorities say the meth-filled pills were made to resemble ecstasy pills. Pill stamps were among the evidence, including multiple cartoon characters. 

Tulsa residents Alto Ramon McDonald and Atya Latrice Thierry were arrested on May 18th for allegedly running the illegal pill lab.

Manufacturing and Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance are among some of McDonald’s and Thierry’s charges. (Images and references courtesy of Fox23 News)


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