Catoosa man and girlfriend arrested on multiple charges, including drug trafficking

TULSA, Okla. – John William Edwards of Catoosa, Oklahoma and Gabreille Wiley of Skiatook face multiple charges after Tulsa police arrested them on drug-related charges.

Police issued search warrants of a Tulsa home along with a trailer in Skiatook that led to gathering evidence related to the alleged preparation of illegal drugs for sale.

According to Fox 23 News, the types of drugs ranged from prescription medication to street drugs such as fentanyl.  

In early October, police reportedly located over 58 Adderall pills in Edwards vehicle after he was pulled over due to expired tags. According to reports, the discovery of morphine in the vehicle quickly led to a search warrant to search Edwards’ south Tulsa residence.

Officers found multiple drugs in Edwards’ home, including cocaine, marijuana, and oxycodone. According to Fox 23 News, authorities also unveiled a money counting machine and what was described as “unexplained wealth.”

Wiley’s home in Skiatook, where her children all resided, was searched and drugs such as Adderall, Fentanyl, MDMA, and cocaine were located. Her charges include: Aggravated Trafficking of illegal drugs, trafficking in illegal drugs, possession/receive drug proceeds, possession of a firearm commission felony, maintain and house and vehicle where the drugs are kept and sold. Her bond was set to $100,000 and she was released on the 15th of November.

Edwards was arrested on complaints of trafficking in illegal drugs, possession/del with intent to distribute, possession/receive drug proceeds, possession of a firearm commission felony, maintain place for keeping and selling drugs, use of surveillance camera and security system, expired tag, trafficking in illegal drugs, possession of a firearm commission felony, indirect contempt of court, aggravated trafficking of illegal drugs.


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