TULSA, Okla. – A child predator has been removed from the streets thanks to a Tulsa detective’s superb acting skills.

Jeffery Phillip Miller (38), a millennial from Covington, Georgia, considered “the most exciting city in the South,” is enjoying the scenery of the Tulsa County Jail walls right now after his extradition from Georgia. (City of Covington)

Incapable of looking into the camera during his jail booking photo shoot, it’s possible Miller was thinking about the many conversations he had with an adult that was supposed to be a kid.

Before his arrest, Miller had his own special photo shoot where he took nude pictures of himself to share with the world. Well, not necessarily with the world; instead, he wanted to share those nudes with a 14-year-old girl online, of all places.

A detective of the Child Predator Unit at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office played the leading role of the 14-year-old social media girl.

The detective acted like a teenager for several months, exchanging digital messages with Miller.

Miller didn’t realize that the girl was actually an adult law enforcer and allegedly kept pressing the fake kid to share nude images with him. The child predator also told the detective his wishes to visit Tulsa County, detailing the sexual things he would want to do.

By March 2023, Miller was arrested and extradited from Georgia, where he was ultimately booked into the Tulsa County Jail. His bond is set at $100,000.


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