Clearwater man kidnaps woman, forcing her to upload sexually explicit content involving another woman

CLEARWATER, Fla. – A Florida man is behind bars after authorities say he kidnapped a woman in Pinellas County with a deliberate motive.

30-year-old Demarko Spears is accused of kidnapping and attacking a woman after reportedly learning that the victim visited a gentleman’s club without him being present.

According to reports, Spears contacted the victim over 100 times after her strip club visit.

Spears finally gained contact with the victim by phone, where the discussion turned from talk to an argument.

According to police, the suspect went to the victim’s residence, where she entered Spear’s vehicle.

After entering the vehicle, Spears allegedly slapped the victim across her face and made verbal threats about the victim’s child.

Reports state that Spears allegedly forced the victim to create an OnlyFans account so that he could gain all the money she makes on the account.

Once the OnlyFans account was created, Spears allegedly uploaded a video of the victim engaging in explicit activity with the suspect and another woman.

The suspect also allegedly stole all of the victim’s money from her paycheck. When Spears drove the victim to Mid-Florida Credit Union, the victim reportedly attempted to escape, but the suspect managed to drag her back into the car.

According to police, the victim managed to get ahold of her phone in a Costco parking lot and dialed 911. The victim proceeded to run away from the vehicle, but the suspect jumped on her and stole her phone and ID.

It is unclear if the suspect left the victim wounded near Costco. The victim had multiple injuries from being tackled by Spears.

Authorities arrested Spears the following day. The suspect faces extortion, strong-arm robbery, felony battery, false imprisonment, tampering with a witness, and grand theft charges. (Ref. Fox News 13)


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