Convenience store clerk saves tied up, severely injured woman, police say kidnapping suspect at large

SEFFNER, Fla – Hillsborough county authorities and surrounding jurisdictions are on the hunt for a man they say kidnapped and brutally assaulted a woman.

Cody Jackson, 32, was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with a female victim on Mother’s Day.

The suspect reportedly hit the victim on the head with a piece of wood at a residence in Seffner, Florida.

The victim was forced to enter the suspect’s Mitsubishi Eclipse before the suspect took off from the residence.

Tampa area authorities say Jackson stopped to tie the victim up with extension cords.

Jackson then made a stop at a Citgo gas station located in Inverness, Citrus County.

According to reports, the victim freed herself from the extension cord restraints.

At that point, the gas station employee witnessed the suspect run out of the convenience store to stop the victim.

The clerk reported that the victim began running toward the store’s private door that always remains locked and began hitting the door, yelling for help.

The witness stated that the victim was yelling, “He’s gonna kill me!”

The clerk rushed to the door, unlocked it, and pulled her in, locking the door behind her.

All the doors of the store were reportedly locked at that point, and witness Rachel Craddock, was able to call the police.

Craddock stated that the female victim had cords around her arms, matted bloodied hair, and a wound on her head.

The suspect fled the scene, and his abandoned vehicle was found in Tampa off of US 41 North and Sunset Lane.

The victim is reportedly recovering after being taken to Citrus Memorial Hospital.

Jackson is considered dangerous and possibly carrying weapons. Therefore, the public is encouraged to avoid engaging with the suspect.

Jackson is 5’9 and approximately 165 pounds with multiple tattoos, including a “Pure Bred” tattoo located across his stomach.

The public is urged to contact Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 813-247-8200 with any details on the suspect’s whereabouts. (FOX 13 Tampa)


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