Cross-county home invasion suspect allegedly ate food and drank beer in invaded homes

NORMAN, Okla. – Multi-home invasion suspect, Andrew Earls, was captured in Stephens County after a six-week-long manhunt took place.

Earls was wanted across jurisdictions, including Stephens County, Woodard County, and Cleveland County. The home invasion suspect allegedly invaded over 30 houses in the Norman area alone.

According to authorities, the Earls would invade homes, eat food and even drink beer. The suspect also allegedly stole items, including cars. (OKC Fox)

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Police say Earls’ method of operation escalated as he continued his string of home invasions. It took cross-jurisdictional efforts to locate and arrest him.

The US Marshalls shared a tip on Earls’ whereabouts in Duncan, and officials had the help of a private citizen’s helicopter along with a drone to contain the suspect. Earls was eventually apprehended in a wooded area following a six-hour-long chase.

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