“Dark side” to blame for Brian Laundrie’s serial killer-vibes, according to Dog the Bounty Hunter

According to Dog the Bounty Hunter (Duane Chapman) Brian Laundrie could be a serial killer. Laundrie is wanted after his 22-year-old girlfriend, Gabrielle Petito, went missing. Her body was later found on September 19.

Dog the Bounty Hunter analyzed some of the books that Laundrie read, claiming they are way worse than “Dungeons and Dragons.” (NY Post)

The content that Laundrie reads was described by the reality star as “dark side stuff” with demonic imagery. Because of the books that Laundrie and Petito enjoyed together, Chapman claimed that Laundrie did not just become a killer overnight, according to NY Post.

According to The US Sun, this is a “wildly speculated” claim made by Chapman. That said, the Bounty Hunter reported that with any fugitive, he and his team create a profile in order to tap into his or her psyche. (The US Sun)

Laundrie is still on the run, and according to reports, tips of sightings of Laundrie popped up in places like Florida and even in other countries like Mexico and Canada.


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