Deli meat thief in T-rex getup steals Harley, leaving a stolen BMX bike behind

BONNEVILLE COUNTY, Idaho – An Idaho Falls man was arrested for allegedly stealing multiple things from numerous victims, including deli ham.

According to reports, Jesse James Moore, 38, approached a boy at a local skate park and offered $480 for the boy’s BMX bike.

The boy did not entertain the thought of selling his bike, and in just moments the suspect took off with the bike.

The bike theft victim’s mother reported the incident to Idaho Falls police, including information that the suspect was a male wearing a t-shirt with a T-rex on it.

Later that same day, police received a peculiar report of a stolen Harley Davidson motorcycle.

The victim and owner of the motorcycle reported that he made a stop at the grocery store, leaving his motorcycle parked in the grocery store’s parking lot.

When the victim returned to his chosen parking space, he reported that his motorcycle was nowhere in sight. Instead, a BMX bike was in the motorcycle’s place.

The motorcycle owner spotted the stolen Harley parked at Planet Fitness located on Woodruff Avenue.

At that point, investigators had identified a possible suspect of the stolen bike earlier that day and considered the Harley theft linked to the same individual.

Police reportedly saw Moore headed toward a Subway located in Planet Fitness’s parking lot.

According to East Idaho News, Moore proceeded to lock himself in Subway’s women’s bathroom before the owner kicked down the door, like an obvious badass.

Police responded to the scene, finding fragments of the ceiling on the bathroom floor along with Moore himself.

Moore had reportedly failed to escape through the ceiling as gravity was against him that day.

The employees of that particular Subway recognized Moore as they mentioned his presence earlier that day on multiple occasions.

Moore allegedly helped himself to some deli meat after making his way behind the counter.

The suspect was booked in the Bonneville County Jail, with a smiling mugshot to prove it. (East Idaho News / image courtesy of Bonneville County Jail)


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