“Demons and robots” among the names an OKC mother called her children in a dog-hoarding, feces infested apartment

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – At least two to three children were trapped in an Oklahoma City apartment with their mother, Brianna Hale, described as a child abuser and dog hoarder.

One of the children was seen by a neighbor running out of the three-bedroom apartment. A witness noticed scratches on the little girl’s face. When the neighbor confronted the child, the child expressed that her mom had just beaten her. (KFOR)

A witness informed KFOR that one of Hale’s daughters attempted to jump from the second floor. Thanks to this witness, the girl failed in her attempt, as she was talked out of it. When police reported to the scene, the victim attempting to jump off the balcony told authorities that her mom encouraged her to take her life.

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According to KFOR, police entered the residence only to find garbage and what appeared to be animal feces scattered throughout.

The scene did not only include pungent trash and feces but over three dozen dogs and puppies, according to a police report obtained by KFOR.

According to reports, the mother called her children terrible names such as demons and even robots.

Hale was arrested and faces child abuse charges. Her bond is set at $100,000. At least one child is currently with her father while the animals were removed from the home by animal welfare services. (KFOR)


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