Dismembered remains of four Oklahoma friends recovered – person of interest in custody

OKMULGEE, Okla. – The mystery of the four missing Okmulgee friends has led to further questions after all four were found dead.

Joe Prentice, Chief of Police in the city of Okmulgee, shared that on Monday, the bodies of brothers Mark Chastain, 32, and Billy Chastain, 30, along with Mike Sparks, 32, and Alex Stevens, 29 were officially identified.

Sadly, the search for the friends ended abruptly when all four men were found dismembered in a river with gunshot wounds.

Chief Prentice expressed that he believed the men were planning to commit a criminal act when they left Billy Chastain’s home by bike. All four were last seen riding bicycles at approximately 8 p.m. on October 9th. (The New York Times)

Based on a witness statement, the police have reason to believe that the men were planning to commit a crime. Chief Prentice explained that the witness had been invited to join the four men. However, the type of crime the men allegedly planned to commit is unknown. (News on 6)

According to reports, the Chastain brothers, Sparks, and Stevens were found when someone spotted the men’s remains in Deep Fork River. By Monday, the police had identified the bodies as the missing friends.

Police have arrested Joe Kennedy, a person of interest, described as the owner of a local salvage yard. No charges have been filed in connection to the murders, however. Kennedy’s property, however, is next to where the incident may have occurred based on Mark Chastain’s cellphone ping. (News on 6)

Person of Interest, Joe Kennedy, in custody

JAILBIRDS Digital will continue following this case and share updates as further details surface. At this time, according to Chief Prentice, the investigation is ongoing.


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