Drunken job interview ends in arrest, not an offer letter

TULSA, Okla. – A job interview fueled by booze ended badly for the applicant after he allegedly attacked the other man when he learned that he wouldn’t be getting the position.

According to a release from the Tulsa Police Department, officers were dispatched to the Mingo RV Park at approximately 2:30 a.m. on March 5 to investigate a shooting.

Apparently, both the suspect and the victim called the police.

Officers were advised that two intoxicated men at the scene decided that for some reason, they should discuss a job while they were both drunk. They got into some kind of argument during the intoxicated interview.

When Irvin Roach learned that he didn’t get the job, he wasn’t too happy.

He allegedly used his truck to pin the victim against a nearby trailer and trailer hitch.

The victim, in response, fired several shots at Roach, grazing him once on the shoulder. He told police that he feared for his life, so he fired the gun through Roach’s windshield.

Roch left the scene and headed to a nearby gas station, where he called the police and said he had been shot. The victim also called the police and said he had been assaulted.

The man who fired a gun at Roach was not arrested.

Roach was arrested on a complaint of assault with a deadly weapon after former conviction of a felony. Bond information and court date were unavailable at the time of publication.


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