Edmond delivery woman urinates in heart transplant patient’s flowerbed

EDMOND, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother of three who is currently recovering from heart transplant surgery received an unwanted “delivery” at her residence.

Kemberlie Hornbeak was reportedly in the hospital recovering from her surgery when she received a package drop off notification on her Ring surveillance app.

According to KFOR, Hornbeak was in shock and said she rewound the video multiple times.

The homeowner revealed that an Edmond delivery woman dropped a package off at her residence.

Then the woman was allegedly seen on video surveillance pulling down her pants, going to the bathroom, and then pulling up her pants.

After the delivery woman urinated in the flower pot, she reportedly left Hornbeak’s porch.

Hornbeak submitted a complaint along with the golden surveillance footage to the Texas-based delivery company.


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